Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Yarn Club

I decided in December 2011 that I wanted to join a yarn club.  With my knitting, I was always toooooo scared to purchase the more expensive yarns (anywhere from $20 on up per skein and some skeins only had about 200 yards and most projects needed more than that) because I did not know what to buy.  I don't like itchy yarns are those that sparkle.  So I went on the scout to look for a club that would give me different yarns each month so that I would have a taste to know what I like for future purchases and to help me when I am in a physical store.  The yarn club is called Into The Whirled.  I am doing what is called a "double dose" I am getting 2 skeins each month.  I am really loving the yarn types and above all the color selections.  Per the website...

Yarns you can expect to received: Gloucester Sock - 80/20 Merino/Nylon, Pakokku Sock - 75/25 Merino/Nylon, Ulundi Sock - Merino, Saginaw Sock - Merino, Manchester Sock - 80/10/10 Merino/Nylon/Cashmere, Bukavu Sock - 75/25 BFL/Nylon, Bordeaux Sock - 80/20 BFL/Nylon.
I know for a fact if I was in a yarn store that I would not have picked these colors.

Below are the yarns received to date.  So far I don't have a reason to end the club and the good thing about the club is that you can cancel anytime and join back up anytime....great relationship.

If you did not guess by looking at the names of the yarns they are so far from the "Dr. Who" TV show.  I never knew nor watched the show, but don't worry the club is changing to a new theme, I think this will happen every few months or so.  I have heard that "Firefly/Serenity" is next.

December It's Bigger on the Inside - Gloucester Sock Yarn

January Snow angels with an Ood - Manchester Sock Yarn

February Mercy Hartigan - Ulundi Sock Yarn

March Children of Time - Saginaw Sock Yarn

Happy Knitting.....

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  1. Thank you so much for the fabulous review and being part of the ITW yarn club! I am thrilled to hear that your enjoying your membership!!



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