Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birthday Cupcake Swap 2011

I am currently participating in my first fusible applique swap (first time working with appliques and fusible at that).  The swap is through scratchingpost a Yahoo group.  Sindy is an awesome creator of appliques and you could see all the items she has to offer on her fatcatpatterns website.  She offers her patterns for free and also when a new BOM has started you are able to get the pattern free for a month before the next pattern is put up.

Over Christmas break I completed fusing the heat n bond to the fabric, cutting out the patterns, and partially fusing the frosting top to the cake bottom.  I just now need to prepare the envelopes for mailing and purchase more stamps.

I was truly surprised at how easy the process was.  This particular pattern is not one that you have to reverse before tracing it to the heat n bond.  The only thing I discovered is that you need to have good scissors when cutting out the little pieces.  I wear a thumb ring and working with small scissors constantly hitting the thumb ring irritated the finger (even if I took off the ring).  The group consists of 50 people total and the cupcake has 2 pieces, so the amount of cutting was a lot.

I researched and found these scissors by Fiskars and on my next project I will use these.

Here is the stack of completed cupcakes with a few extras.  Once I receive mine for my birthday I will know more how I will put these together.  I think I will use a black background to make the cupcakes pop.

I am currently working on a Christmas wall hanging pattern by Sindy (that I did not get a chance to complete before Christmas) that deals with fusible applique.  See a quick snapshot below.

I am also working on  mask that my husband drew up for me.  I love masks and for my first one, I think it looks pretty good.

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