Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleep Well Sadie Girl (1999-2010)

On Monday, June 28th around 3:00 pm, we lost our Sadie girl (basset hound).  We had her for many years and she was truly loved by us.

We got her from a family who were moving and could not take her with them.  I can remember the first time we saw her.  She shied away and did not want to come from behind the chair to greet us.  We coaxed her out of her hiding place and eventually that night we took her home..  Of course the story does not end there.  As soon as we got her into the car she began to shake uncontrollably.  We all figured she was just scarred and in due time she would be alright.  Well as soon as we opened the door to the car (because we wanted to take her to go potty first and then trough the front door (rather than the garage door), she bolted, even with the leash still on her neck.  This dog was sturdy and had serious muscles on her.  Well believe it or not once, but twice around the subdivision, walking after her, she came to our driveway and had a seat.  I guess she was saying, "well since your not giving up on me, then I will allow you to keep me".  From that point on she has been here to stay.

The video below shows Sadie and Mia (mainly Mia being a poop head playing with a grasshopper, the grasshopper did not make it after this video).  Sadie investigates occasionally, but she ultimately knows that it is way to much energy to expend because she was getting up there in age.


Sadie had to be thinking can I run and still get away from this total humiliation?
Well, I guess I will stay....
Once Mia (Chihuahua) came into the picture, Sadie's energy level soared (including jealousy but that too was no problem)

Sadie girl you are truly missed. Rest, relax and know that you were and still is loved.



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