Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beet or Not To Beet? (Updated Photos/Video) OUT OF HERE

Found out this is a "Redroot Pigweed".  This plant is coming out as soon as I get home.  Will be put in a black trash bag and put in the trash.  I don't want it reproducing.  I hope that I catch it in time.  Thanks Linda Lehmusvirta, CTG and Linda Lehmusvirta, A& M.

Previously Posted 06/27/2010-I think this plant will be a beet. The reason I say this is that I turned this bed for my spring planting and there were beet seeds previously sowed in this bed and only a few sprouted. If it is a beet, then I don't think it will last as the package says this variety is sensitive to heat (Ferry-Morse Beet, Tall Top Early Wonder). If you recognize this as a beet plant, could you let me know? I am going to allow this plant to grow and see what happens. It is nestled in between 2 eggplants, onions and carrots, so it is not harming anything, but I am not sure what it could be.

Update (07/18/10)-I have been doing more research, but still have not gotten a name for this plant. The leaves do not smell like mint and the plant has gotten quite big since posting. I took some more photos and a video of it with more closeups. I am hoping that someone will recognize it and give me some information. Thanks to anyone that has any information that will lead me to figuring out what this is.


  1. I'm sorry to say I don't think it is a beet. We grow veggies for sale at Farmers Markets, and I've never seen a beet like that. You may have beets in Texas that I haven't seen, but it's not a regular beet! From the pictures, it looks to have a square stem, which means that it is probably in the mint family. Is the stem square? Have you tried crushing a leaf and smelling it? Hope that helps!

  2. I'm sure it is not a beet or at least not like any I have grown. The leaves grow from the bulb and are not branched. This might be a weed. I often crush the leaf and smell to see if I recognize the smell.If you don't smell basil then I would pull it and chuck it! Too late for beets right now. Wait until fall.

  3. Hey on the bright side, you get all this great anticipation of the surprise!

  4. I agree with Aaagaard, not a beet. I have a photo of some young beet greens here for comparison, just scroll down the post:

    I am curious as to what your intruder might be though!

  5. Thanks everyone for your help. I went out the other day to to take a closer look and I did not see a square stems. I broke off a leaf to smell it and I really did not smell anything. I did a quick video (not sure if it will help) and I also sent a help e-mail to Central Texas Gardener to see if they could recongize it. My only fear is that it is something like posion ivy or something like that. I will clue you all in once I find out something. Thanks.



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