Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ready To Sew Bernina-2008 Fire & Ice BOM Club

Well I am finally getting an understanding of this quilting thing and I am starting to get more feet for my beginner machine (took some research, but I'm getting there). This was lasts years blocks and my first block of the month club and introduction to quilting. Through this block of the month clubs, I learned so much about piecing together blocks. Sometimes I wanted to pull my hair out, but other time I was like "SO that's how its done". OKAY. I have to now place it into a format for my quilt and finish it. I am not sure if I should use black sashing so the reds and yellows will pop. I think using white will make the quilt look odd. Just not sure.

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  1. Cynthia-Thanks for visiting our blog. I use Google's Picasa photo editing software to get a group of pictues to appear together. Just make a "collage" in picasa with the pictures you want. Super Easy! And the best thing is Picasa is FREE! You can download it from google. Good Luck!

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous! I joined my first BOM club a few months ago and so far have not pieced one. I'm a new quilter and just a wee bit timid as I don't have extra fabric!

  3. Thanks Jackie. In the 2 that I am participating in, if you bring your completed block the next month you don't have to pay for the next block. It is a called a $5.00 block of the month. It is literally where you pay the $5.00 for the initial block and if you come with the completed block each month you will have only paid $5.00 for 12 blocks, fabric and the pattern. So that forced me to do it. On the flip side I am in 2 others that you pay each month for the block, fabric and pattern, whether you come to the meeting or not and you don't have to have the block completed, so you can guess that I have not actually finshed the blocks and we are in November (1 block done for one and none for the others). Oh well, I am sure I am not the only one with unfished projects he he. I really like going to the meetings just to meet the people and see what they experienced with the blocks, so hopefully I don't make the same mistakes. Don't fret on not having the fabric if you mess up, I substitued some of my fabric (I always by the fat quaters when they are on sale, just for things like that.



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