Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All In Pots

My herbs have really grown and I think it is due to rainy 2 weeks we have been going through and I LOVE IT. I am about to start a vegetable bed in the yard (hopefully this weekend if no rain).

"Tomato Planter"

"Hot Peppers"

"Red/White Onions (back)"

"Green Beans"

"Cucumbers (lost the first batch due to a hail storm, planted these from seed"

"Cilantro (right/left), Rosemary (middle) and Oregano (back...hiding)"

"Regular Basil (left), Thai Basil (right), Spicy Global Basil (back)"

"Mint (left), Regular Basil (middle), Tarragon (right), and Sage (back)"

"Arugula (lef/right) and chives (middle)"


  1. you will have to post how you get your herbs to grow. I always end up killing mine!

  2. Oh thank you. Well since I am a beginner at this I used for my pots the Burpee brand (the items are grown in pea pots) and that is how they are sold, take off the bottom an plant them. Also I was watering daily, pulling dead leaves (this was hard for me as I leave in the dark and come home in the dark, so I had to get up and use a flashlight to see outside to water them (dedication, I guess LOL). Also once a week I would use an organic liguid fertilzier in my watering can (I really think the fertilizer and the 2 weeks of off and on rain really help the growth) I started small and progressed up. Now mind you this is stuff from March to now (only 2 months), so I guess I was doing something right.

    I looked at your website and I love the quilt you have called DS#2 did you make that up or use a pattern? I think I could use some of my scrap fabric and make it for the charity. Thanks.

  3. Hi Cynthia. I used a pattern out of a magazine my mom had. The American Patchwork and Quilting, Dec. 1997, Vol. 5, No. 6, Issue 29. It's called Wild Goose Chase and they made it with white and red instead of black. I can't find any back issues online but did find these links. They are the blocks from the pattern.


    I had a lot of fun and annoyance with it only b/c of my own impatience but I love the finished product. I hope you enjoy it.



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